Flex printed circuit boards

Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

Flex PCBs, also known as flexible printed circuits or flexible electronics, provide greater options for designers and engineers when assembling electronic circuits.

They are constructed from flexible, high-performance plastic material, usually polyimide, which enables the board to bend or "flex" during use. This flexibility opens them up to use in a wide range of applications.

Rigid-flex are a type of high-adaptability printed circuit boards that use both flexible and rigid-board construction in an application. Though they offer greater spatial effiency, rigid-flex PCB require different design rules and can be more challenging than designing a rigid board. PCB International is experienced with helping many of our customers bring their complex rigid-flex design to market. All of our products come with full engineering DFM support.

Here are the most common types of flex circuit construction:

  • Single-sided flex pcb
  • Back-bared flex circuits
  • Double-sided flex pcbs
  • Multi-layer flex circuits
  • Rigid flex pcb
  • Sculptured flex circuit board

How to Order

Both Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB require custom quotes. To get started, please send us your gerber file, along with your desired quantity and lead times as well as any additional requirements you have. Need assembly services with your flex/rigid-flex order? We can do that too! Contact our knowledgable support staff to see how we can help you with your next PCB project.

ITEM mil mm
Maximum Board Size 19.68" x 13.38" 500 x 340 mm
Maximum Board Thickness 0.0945" 2.4 mm
Minimum Board Thickness 0.0315" 0.8 mm
Maximum Number of Layers Single-sided up to 16 layers
Minimum PTH
(Plated Thru Hole) diameter
0.0079" 0.2 mm
Maximum aspect ratio 10:1 (max. thickness 0.0066",
min. PTH 0.0079")
10:1 (max. thickness 2mm,
min. PTH 0.2 mm)
Minimum Traces/Spaces 0.003" / 0.003" 75 / 75 µm
Lead Solder (HASL) Immersion Silver
Lead Free Solder (HASL) Electrolysis gold plating
Immersion Gold
(Electroless Nickel Gold - ENIG)
Immersion Tin (White Tin)
Epoxy Glass Aluminum
Polymide Stainless Steel
FR-4 Polymide
Teflon Aluminium
If you are looking for material options not on this page, please contact us for further assistance. We look forward to bringing your flex and rigid-flex design into reality!
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