Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE Review): This engineering review performs extensive check of your files and print notes to ensure that the design is manufacturable, compare the order form to the prints, perform tooling edits for manufacturability and functionality, identify potential issues with the printed circuit boards (accidental circuit shorts, improper solder mask placements, layer stackup/controlled impedance/controlled dielectric/custom stackup requirements, etc.). PCB International performs FREE NRE review for all orders, particularly those that require higher levels of complexity (production quantities, non-standard specifications, panelization, higher layer counts etc.) to ensure peace of mind for the designer and complete customer satisfaction.

NRE Review also involves programming the CNC machines to ensure proper placement/cutting/print of all materials involved in the manufacture process of Printed Circuit Boards.

From size/placement of copper traces, solder mask/solder paste locations, silkscreen size and placements, to how the boards should be panelized and routed, etc., all angles are covered to reduce potential Engineering Queries (EQ) that may arise in the future, saving our customers both valuable time and money to ensure the project proceeds smoothly. PCB International strives to build your printed circuit boards right the first time, every time!

At PCB International, Tooling is Always Free

As the name suggests, some companies levy the Non-Recurring Engineering Review charge to all new orders; at PCB International, we do not charge an NRE fee for bare printed circuit board orders be it new or reorder; this is an integral step in our goal to achieve excellent customer satisfaction with all PCB orders. Contact us today to see we can help you on your next PCB project.

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