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Please send your files in a single “.zip” file to reduce the possibility of processing errors and also to enhance security. If certain specifications were not stated in your files, we will assume industry standard specs when writing up your quote. Please see our FAQ section for exact info on our standard specs.

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Accepted file extensions: .zip or .rar
Download our file requirements:         ➤PCB Assembly File Requirements         ➤Sample Bill of Materials (BOM) for Assembly Quote


Gerber data in RS274X format is recognized as the industry standard and is the preferred file format. Files in the RS274D format will require a separate list with aperture parameters defined. ODB++ files (.tgz extension) are also accepted. We will require a NC Excellon Drill File (used to determine the size of the holes and where to drill) that contains finished tool sizes, in X & Y coordinates. Gerber files for bare PCB fabrication with some of the more commonly used extensions are listed in parantheses below:

  • Top Layer (.GTL, .TOP, .CMP)
  • Bottom Layer (.GBL, .SOL, .BOT)
  • Top Silkscreen (.GTO, .TSK, .TSK)
  • Bottom Silk (.GBO, .BSK, .BSK)
  • Top Mask (.GTS, .STC, .TSM)
  • Bottom Mask (. GBS, .STS, .BSM)
  • Top Paste (.GTP, .CRC, .TSP)
  • Bottom Paste (.GPB, .CRS, .BSP)
  • Inner Signal (.G1, .G2, .G3)
  • Inner Plane (.GP1, .GP2, .GP3)
  • Drill Drawing (.GD1, .DIM, .GML)
  • Drill File (.DRD, .DRR)

By default, we will assume that the layers are represented by a top-side view. This means your files we be viewed from the component side looking down.

In order to better serve you and to ensure that your PCB is manufacturered exactly the way you want it, we recommend our customers provide a separate readme file detailing your manufacturing instructions that should include, board dimensions, thickness, tolerances and outline details. Hole sizes with quantity, plating information and tolerances. Copper weight, material type, silkscreen information, and any additional notes or requirements (blind/buried vias, countersink, controlled impedance, etc). We also recommended you provide technical contact information.


We also offer simple design services such as file conversions from schematics, drawings, and a variety of programs (Protel, Altium, etc.) into the Gerber RS274X format which is the standard for professional production. PCB International will work with you to make sure you get what you need. Please send all inquires to

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