Rigid PCB manufacturing

Our manufacturing portfolio can meet the requirements to support virtually all industries and PCB applications. Here are some of the industries you may find our products in:

      Automotive   Consumer electronics   Healthcare   Industrial equipment and machinery   Lighting and LED   Telecommunications

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

PCB International is an industry leader in innovative printed circuit board technologies. Our approach is to ensure that we have the leading-edge capabilities to meet our customer's unique product requirements and to support new design criteria. Inherent to our customer-centric approach of supplying printed circuit boards is being able to offer the largest catalog of technologies - this systematically guarantees that our valued customers have robust solutions at a single source, rather than having to go from board shop to board shop.

Combining years of experience with the latest in high-tech manufacturing efficiencies allow our pricing to be among the most competitive. Our printed circuit boards are manufactured based on IPC guidelines (minimum Class II) and comply with ISO-9001-2000, UL, and RoHS standards.

Try our online PCB quote for real-time quote and ordering. If you prefer a personalized approach to PCB quoting, send your inquiry or quote request to us at support@pcbinternational.com to get connected to one of our account managers who have the industry experience to help you get your idea to market.

High-End Rigid PCB Capabilities

  • Rigid PCBs up to 46 layers
  • 3-mil traces and 3-mil spaces
  • Minimum mechanical drill size 8-mil
  • Minimum laser drill size 3-mil
  • ISO-001 and UL certified
  • Controlled Impedance

Additional MFG Capabilities

  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Class III
  • RoHS compliant
  • High temp, high frequency material
  • Aluminum and other exotic/special materials
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)

ITEM mil mm
Minimum Trace Width/Space (Inner) 3.0/3.0 0.076/0.076
Minimum Trace Width/Space (External) 3.0/3.0 0.076/0.076
Minimum SMT Pitch 2.5 0.064
Minimum BGA Pitch 4 0.1
Minimum Drill Size For Through Hole (Mechanical Drill) 7.8 0.2
Minimum Drill Size For Through Hole (Laser Drill) 3 0.076
Aspect Ratio (Mechanical Drill) 12:1
Minimum Board Overall Thickness for 4 - Layer 10 0.254
6 - Layer 15 0.38
8 - Layer 19 0.48
10 - Layer 15 0.6
Minimum Thin Core Thickness 2 0.051
Maximum Overall Thickness for 4-16 Layer 250 6.35
Maximum Working Panel Size 21" x 24" 533.4 x 609.6
Maximum Layer Count 36 Layers
Registration Tolerance: Layer to layer 4 0.1
Solder mask 2 0.051
Controlled Impedance 40-120W ± 10%
Diff. Controlled Impedance 75-120W ± 10%
Lead Solder (HASL) OSP (Entek)
Lead Free Solder (HASL) Carbon Ink
Immersion Tin Peelable Mask
Immersion Silver Deep / Hard Gold
Immersion Gold Wirebondable Gold
FR-4 (140 C Tg) Gentek
FR-5 (170 C Tg) Nelco
Aluminum Polyimide
Arlon Rogers 4350
Flying Probe Tester / max 19.6" x 23.5"
Min Spacing From Test Pad to Board Edge mm 0.5
Min Conductive Resistance Ω 10
Max Insulation Resistance 100
Max Test Voltage V 500
Min Test Pad Diameter mil 3.9
Min Test Pad to Pad Spacing mil 3.9
Max Test Current mA 200
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