Our advantages at PCBI

PCB International Advantage

PCB International understands that while your technical requirements may change, your basic needs will always remain the same: consistent quality, reliable lead and delivery times, maintaining low costs and responsive customer service. These are the cornerstones of our business philosophy and we are committed to meeting these expectations on every order, big or small.


PCB International offers the right solutions to circumvent these common issues:

  • Do you often spend a lot of time waiting to hear back from an email or feel like you're wasting time on the phone?

    Many times a corporate phone number leads to a call center where you have to wait to be routed to the right person. At PCB International, you're provided with an account manager who you can always reach directly by email or phone. Your account manager is your single point of contact who will be familiar with your requirements and is prepped and ready to assist you.

  • Can't get anyone on the phone or it takes too long to receive an email or voicemail response?

    We promise to respond to your phone call or email that same business day, usually within the hour! Feel free to reach us at 206-310-3624 or contact us by email - we pride ourselves on our fast response times!

  • Your PCB manufacturer has good prototype pricing on low quantities but is otherwise very expensive?

    Competitive and consistent pricing - many other shops offer large initial discounts to new customers only to have them pay their high costs after the discount expires. At PCB International, you'll find that we maintain competitive pricing even after the new customer discount ends. Contact us for a quote to find out why our customers choose PCB International time and time again.

  • Do you often look for new shops in order to try to find a good deal because your discount ended?

    Many of the PCB shops that do the most online advertising have so many different sales, discounts and special web sites that it's very confusing trying to figure out which promotion to choose to get their best price.

    We prefer to give every customer a great price on every order without asking our customers to jump through hoops to get it. The proof is in our pricing, so try our instant pcb quote.

  • Are you tired of not being able to quote all of your specs online?

    We understand there are times when you want to do some number crunching on your own and would like to have pricing information available day or night. We have designed our Instant Online Pricing to be as comprehensive as possible without ever needing to see your Gerber data. Of course there are still some specifications that can only be accurately priced with an engineering review but we have minimized this as much as possible.

    For a list of specifications that cannot be quoted online and to get a quote for these types of designs, simply contact us with your Gerbers along with the quantities and lead times you are considering. We will respond as quickly as possible with your quote.

  • Wish your board shop had a more modern web site that was easier to navigate?

    The PCB International team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience - we want nothing less for our customers than to be able to procure PCB services as easy and painless as possible. We've invested heavily in creating a website that's easy to use, but we're always open to suggestions. Contact us at support@pcbinternational.com if you'd like to leave us any feedback.

  • Wasting time looking for PCB vendors because your local shop can't build all of your requirements?

    At PCB International, we stay on top of evolving technology to ensure that our our manufacturing capabilities never fall behind and that we are truly a one-stop source for PCB and PCBA. Not only does this eliminate the trouble of having to work with multiple shops to find the technology you need, but with the most cutting-edge equipment comes effiencies that we can often pass to our customers in the form of savings. You can contact us for specific information on the PCB specifications that we manufacture.

  • Feel rushed to get an order in before the daily cut-off time?

    We always try to process orders as soon as they pass a proper CAM review. Officially we accept orders as late as 9pm EST (6pm PST), but frequently we are working even later. Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help you with our quick-turn options and speedy delivery times.

  • Your usual fab shop does not do a proper CAM review of your Gerber data before manufacturing your board?

    Our engineers perform a complete manufacturability and design review of your Gerber data before sending it to the manufacturing floor. We don't believe in a 'No-Touch' service or rely on an automated DFM (Design For Manufacturing) program. Automated DFM services are only as good as the programming behind them and they cannot see potential design errors that don't violate manufacturing tolerances. We feel there simply is no excuse for sending you a board you can't use.

  • Why doesn't PCB International offer any PCB software?

    There are many free or inexpensive PCB layout tools on the web already. Beware of software provided by board manufacturers! There are several proto shops that offer 'free' software. While their specific policies vary they all have one thing in common; their software produces encrypted data so only they can open your design files.

    Therefore, if you design a board with their software you are forced to pay their price and use their service or redesign it in another software package. If you are looking for a free or inexpensive program, we strongly recommend using one of the many genuine freeware applications such as Cadsoft's Eagle www.cadsoftusa.com.

If you have encountered these problems, give us a try. Feel free to call us at 206-310-3624 or Contact Us

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