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Welcome to PCB International

PCB International offers high-quality ISO and UL certified PCB manufacturing and assembly. Whether you need a few quick turn PCB prototypes or mass production, our world class manufacturing can meet your specialized pcb needs.

We have very competitive pricing in all market segments, including high tech Rigid designs (High Layer Count, Blind/Buried Vias, Laser Drilling, Via In Pad, Controlled Depth Drilling & Milling), Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Metal Core PCBs. Our mission is to establish long term customer partnerships built on trust. We are experts at leveraging our technology resources to provide affordable, custom-tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.

  • Only The Best Quality

    Our products are ISO/UL certified and built to a minimum of IPC Class 2. We take great pride in making sure every order from 1 piece to a thousand are built to specification. Try us out today to start enjoying consistent quality on every order.

  • PCB Assembly

    Full (or partial) turnkey PCBA services including:

    • SMT Assembly
    • BGA Assembly
    • Through-Hole Assembly
    • Mixed Assembly
  • More Than Rigid

    We fabricate more than just standard rigid boards. We offer the following products with a wide range of capabilities:

    • Flex PCB
    • Rigid-Flex
    • MCPCBs (Metal Core)
  • Contact Us

    Our experts are ready to help - with decades of experience our team can provide technical expertise for all your questions. Email, call or chat to learn more about our capabilities, connect with our sales team, or get customer support.



  • High quality ISO and UL certified pcb manufacturing.

    Don't let a blurry silkscreen or slightly off-center drill add delays to your schedule. Every one of our boards are tested and inspected before being shipped out. With PCB International, know that you're getting quality you can depend on.

  • We offer a variety of customer support options.

    We offer a variety of onsite customer support options. You can get in touch with us over the phone at 206-310-3624, email, or online chat. We are always committed to full customer satisfaction.

  • Competitive pricing, never any hidden fees.

    We understand the importance of managing time and costs which is why we reliably deliver high quality printed circuit boards on time and at a great price. Our support technicians will oversee every order from start to end to ensure that you're made aware of any engineer questions ASAP and that deadlines are met.

  • E-Test and Tooling are free with every order.

    Keep your project under budget with free E-Test and tooling on every order. Change your project's revision as often as you like and never pay tooling fees again.

  • Real-time instant online quotes. Order online in minutes.

    Real-time online quotes with no obligation – order online at your own convenience on most custom board specifications. For designs that require more advanced technology, our support engineers can provide quotes usually within 24 hours.

  • Full turnkey printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

    Simplify things by keeping your project entirely under one roof. Our full turnkey services incorporate the limits of PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

Advanced PCB Technology

With over a decades worth of experience, we're confident we can satisfy your project specifications on-time and on-budget. We've helped our customers manufacture and assemble all types of PCBs. One of our specialties include helping our customers acquire exotic and difficult to obtain materials and PCB manufacturing processes not limited to the following:

  • Wide range of sizes from 0.200" x 0.200" to 49"
  • Blind/buried vias
  • 3 mil laser drilled holes
  • Via In Pad
  • 2 mil trace
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Flex and Rigid-flex
  • Embedded Capacitors
  • RoHS 3 compliant
  • REACH compliant
  • Class 3 quality
  • Rogers material
  • Carbon Ink
  • Impedance tolerance as low as +/- 5%
  • Metal (aluminum or copper) base/core
  • Heat resistant white mask
  • ENEPIG and Wire Bondable gold finish
  • Heavy copper weight, up to 12 oz
  • 2.5 oz hole wall copper
  • Rigid boards as thin as 0.010" (0.25mm) or as thick as 0.236" (6mm)

Email us for a fast, non-obligatory custom quote or try a quick quote online here.

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